~ Go Native Or Go Home


(I’m in line at a popular discount retail store, with two people ahead of me. The women at the head of the line is clearly new to English, and while she has a thick accent and struggles, she does her best to speak to the cashier in English, even though he rolls his eyes and makes her repeat…

Late night reflections

Sometimes people copy others because they want what they have. Sometimes they copy because mimicking someone is the closest they can get to the real thing.

We leave a little of ourselves in everyone we touch

My heart goes out to the 3,000 Americans killed on 9/11, and to the 500,000 (at least) innocent Iraqi civilians killed in a misguided attempt at retaliation.

"Hey Jules, this is Brian. Ah, listen… I’m on an airplane that has been hijacked … if things don’t go well, and they’re not looking good, I want you to know that I absolutely love you. I want you to do good, have good times, same with my parents. I’ll see you when you get here. I want you to know that I totally love you. Bye, babe, hope I will call you."

Brien Sweeney, Passenger, United Airlines flight 175. phone message to his wife Julie (via ashtoniws)