~ How to Say I Love You in German


I love you (care for you) - Ich habe dich gerne.

I love you (more serious) - Ich liebe dich.

Do you love me? (care for me?) - Hast du mich gerne?

Do you love me? (more serious) - Liebst Du mich?

I am in love (female) - Ich bin in dich verliebt.

I am in love (male) - Ich bin in dich…


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Jy kan afstand nie sien nie
en liefde in vreemdelinge 
se oë nie verstaan nie…

Daarom dan vra ek jou 
is dit nie soms genoeg 
om net te kan voel nie?


You can’t see distance 
and can’t understand 
the love in stranger’s eyes…

Therefore I ask you, 
is it not enough at times 
to just be able to feel?


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Sento parlare italiano alla TV


e voglio parlare italianooo! mi manca l’italiano, mi piace l’accento, e mi piace parlare anche se la mia pronuncia non è perfetta, soprattutto le consonanti doppie.

"Get a college education, work hard, save up, and get out there. Fly out to Europe for a while, work odd jobs in different countries, learn a new language, a whole different culture. Go to Spain and jump off a cliff into the ocean. Go to France and drink amazing wine while gazing at the Eiffel Tower. Go to the UK and live in a tiny flat while you pick up a waitressing job. Your only option isn’t to sit behind a desk for the rest of your life."

my moms advice on how to live life (via 5sorgy)